3 Blog Posts For Due Date 10/30/13

10/08/2013 – Blog Topic #1: Write about your final paper topic and why it interests you.
My final paper topic regarding the evolution of my journalistic field of choice consists of analyzing the gradual changes of technology and media, and the effects it has on jobs that we want to acquire. For instance, my preferred job of choice, owning, creating and running my own publication, will greatly benefit from the proper use of social media networking. Journalism is a very competitive field to go into, and setting yourself apart from the many others is hard to do; and although the evolution of technology and media has made it harder to get a journalism job, the use of technology and media can also make it easier to make your abilities more well known. My final project, the curation, will possibly be a golf themed curation. Golf is something I have always participated in throughout my life, and I think it would make an interesting and unique curation for this project. The visual will most likely be a blog, consisting of different pictures, websites, and how-to tips. I haven’t completely set my mind on this topic but I feel like it would be a great one to do. I am glad that the final paper and final project are different from each other so we can elaborate on two different topics. 

10/22/2013 – Blog Topic #1: Discuss the evolution of media and predict how you can adapt in your future career to future changes.
The evolution of media throughout the last view decades is wonderful to examine because it really is astounding. Ever since the first development of the first computer ever, so many different tools of technology have been invented – such as MP3 players, cell phones, smart phones, and tablets. However, one common thing in most of these tools of technology is the fact that they can access the Internet! The internet has become every person’s connection to current events going on in the world, a way to get in contact with friends and family, and to research topics for school related assignments. Not only has technology put the classic use of mail to an almost end because of e-mail, but very rarely are books such as encyclopedias and dictionaries needed because they can all be accessed online! With all of this being said, I think it is very important for all students in college, especially journalism students, to realize the impact it has on our future jobs! Due to peoples’ desire to access magazines, books, newspapers, etc. online, the demand of hard copy publications of magazines, books, newspapers, etc. will continue to decrease. Therefore, students in college should definitely make use of a blogging website, and continue to promote their skills through other social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks. In my opinion, one thing that makes a person stand out in what they do is having the ability to adapt to different situations and having the ability to know how to handle them. With technology and media constantly changing, the importance of being able to adapt to it is crucial. 

10/22/2013 – Blog Topic #2: Write about the career field you hope to enter and that you could use for your final paper.
The career field that I am hoping to enter upon graduating college is the news and information side of journalism. Throughout both my high school and college careers I have been greatly involved in publications of different types, and could not see myself pursuing any other career. Although working for a well known publication such as Cosmopolitan magazine would be awesome, I think my ideal situation would be creating, owning and running my own publication, specifically a magazine. I believe the biggest obstacle in achieving this would be getting my magazine to be well known. Unfortunately, I’m sure there are many publications that ultimately fail because not enough people know about it. I would love to start a fashion magazine, but bigger publications that are more well known, such as Vogue or CoverGirl, may triumph and demolish any new publications that try to enter the fashion world. However, with a properly thought out business plan, accurate advertisement and a great use of social media to promote any publication I decide to build could help promote the success of my publication. Using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are highly important tools to use when promoting your industry – regardless of what industry it is! I think talking about all of this for my final paper will be great for my final paper, especially when elaborating on the use of social media websites. The use of technology has changed the world of media so much that people probably don’t even notice it until they realize how it affects their every day lives, such as the job they get. Journalism students especially have to deal with this because of the media and social media’s impact on hard copy publishing. 


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