3 Blog Posts For Due Date 10/04/13

09/19/13 – Blog Topic #1: Write about what you think of the class so far. Be honest.

Okay so this class is way easier than I thought it would be, aside from the fact that I cannot get myself to speak up in class. This class doesn’t have much homework, which is a plus in my eyes, and I feel like most of the stuff we do in class is based off our opinions. We have reading to do, but I feel like as a teacher you ask us for more of our opinions of knowledge rather than our knowledge of knowledge. If that makes any sense at all. I feel like I can be myself in this class when it comes to performing on my school work, and I feel like as a teacher you care about our opinions. Obviously you do, or this question wouldn’t be an option for our blog. 🙂

09-24-13 Mandatory Blog: Complete this tutorial and then tell me how you can use this for your final project.

I think the most useful thing I learned from the Power Searching with Google activity was the search by image tool. On the show Catfish, Nev always searches people by picture with google and I always wondered how he did that. I thought it would make things so much easier! Then, the tutorial taught me how to do that. I definitely find it useful because it will be so much faster finding certain pieces of information with that tool, especially information relating to specific photographs.

09-26-13 Mandatory Blog: Tell me about researching in the library today and how what you learned can help you on your final paper or project.

So what I found the most interesting at the library was when she told us that the databases that are available to us online are only available to us while we are KU students! I guess I probably should’ve put two and two together, but I guess I just didn’t realize that it is a resource that I will not have forever. And that some people pay to have access to what we have access to through the online database search! It provides such great information for research and will definitely come in handy when I’m doing my curation project.

10/04/13 – Discussion points: Okay so Dr. Guth’s tweet “The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.” (Hudnall, 2013) is not pretty. At all. And although I feel like as a professor at a University he SHOULD NOT have tweeted that, we are entitled to freedom of speech. As journalists, that is what we learn all about. The boundaries we have, and to what extent we can breach this boundaries. I don’t think he should’ve been put on “paid leave” because I do not think that what he tweeted deserved a lost job. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I guess I’m entitled to my own opinion as to how it should have been handled, just as the Chancellor does.

1 APA citation:

Hudnall, D. (2013, October 02). Ku’s david guth blunders into a red-state test of the first amendment. Retrieved from http://www.pitch.com/FastPitch/archives/2013/10/02/kus-david-guth-blunders-into-a-red-state-test-of-the-first-amendment


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