3 Blog Posts For Due Date 09/13/13



8/27/13 – Blog Topic #1: What is information?
Information is many different things. Information is knowledge obtained through studying, research and investigation. Information is facts learned through someone or something about someone or something. But the most important aspect of information is how one interprets it. Information is what you make out of it. How one person interprets a piece of information may be different than how another person interprets it, therefore the information may be miscommunicated. 

09/10/13 – Blog Topic #2: Do people say they may be “right brained” or “left brained” as an excuse (if they lack math or artistic skills, etc.)? Discuss. ­
People do have the tendency to accuse their lack of skill on how their brain does or doesn’t think. In my own personal history, I have liked to blame bad grades (i.e. physics, chemistry, trigonometry) on the fact that my brain “doesn’t work like that”. It seems as if for classes such as chemistry, no amount of studying helps me succeed in the class because my brain just cannot comprehend the information. However, for English classes, I can sit down and write a solid, informational paper in just an hour or so. Letters make much more sense to me than numbers do. I think that this same concept applies to lots of people, and people like to justify their lack of skills on something they have no control over to seem like they’re at some sort of disadvantage. How can you punish a person for not being good at something they have no control over? I think it gives a person reassurance to believe that the reason why they are not good at a certain task is because they’re body/brain does not allow them to be good at it.  

09/10/13 – Blog Topic #3: Do you identify yourself as traditionally “right” or “left” brained? Discuss.
I would definitely identify myself as traditionally right brained because I believe I am best at creative and expressive tasks, instead of traditional left brained tasks, which normally involve analytical and logical thinking. While left brained thinkers are better at critical thinking, juggling numbers, analyzing language and incorporating logical thinking, right brained thinking is better at expressing emotion and more artistic tasks. This is why I definitely think I am more right brained than left brained, because I like to consider myself an artsy person. However, although I consider myself more successful in the creative field than in the logical field, I do obtain left brained skills as well. I do like math, and have always thought I am pretty good at it. However, I find the most ease in right brained tasks because my brain sees artsy things in a less complex light.